A quilt sandwich and Casa Del Loro Foyer update!

Hello!  I have lots to share so grab a cup of something yummy and join me… first up is my quilt!

In my last post I shared the quilt top almost finished… I won’t show you the finished project until it is done but I used these pieces to make a border around the quilt top making the finished size over 90″ square!

Once the quilt top was officially finished I gathered my sandwiching supplies and a table top (I have done this part on the floor too but it is so hard that way… and basted with quilters thread for it’s strength… the top to the middle (batting in my case but you could make it lighter with flannel instead or heavier with a wool based batting instead of my lighter cotton batting!) to the back of the quilt.  I used a sheet for the back because that is what my son wanted 🙂

Now if you are making a quilt or planning to make one you should know that only cotton quilting fabric should be used for the backing as sheets are nice in size they don’t hand quilt or machine quilt as nicely.

So I basted it together and it looked like this:

This superman square is because my son loved superman so much as a child.  He still enjoys superman and wanted this shirt in his quilt!

Now on to the quilting… here is a close up of my quilting work… it is a tight space!

Here is the sewing machine with no special attachments I am using for this project.  Yep, if you have a sewing machine you can do this!

And here is my first finished quilt block.  I know you can’t see my quilting… but I quilted around the block and the triagle in the block because with a quilt you have to have quilting every 6 to 10 inches to keep the batting in place… so each block that is 12 inches now will have to have quilting inside them to meet that requirement and hold up to multiple washings over a lifetime 🙂

He loves Pink Floyd and he loved this shirt but it didn’t fit right… so it was a perfect candidate for the quilt!  But he made this his center square 🙂  I got him this shirt because it reminded me of him and one of his fave bands!

Now on to what has been going on at Casa Del Loro and what is on my honey’s “workdesk”!  lol

This is how our foyer looked before!  This pic is when we first bought the house… see the lone foyer???

Now the foyer looks like this!

 We have added a few pics… and the wainscotting on the bottom of the wall my honey made look easy but I know lots of skill was involved… so before he started painting the attached living room he got a new paint brush to make the edges blend oooh so gracefully!

And look!  What a nice edge at the ceiling he is making!  After he rolls some he edges some so they dry together and look professional.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we are up to!  More pics to come so come back and visit soon!

Have a blessed rest of the week!



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