Happy Birthday Delaney!

Friday I felt completely under the gun… kinda like this cartoon I saw on fb that my friend Joyce shared:

That is right… in the midst of this quilt I had last minute panic because my sweet niece Delaney is turning 3 in just 3 days and I had yet to make her anything!  Yikes!!!  Here is Delaney with her daddy (my brother! lol) and also with her princess doll!  Cutie pie!!!  Okay… now to get creative!

And creativity came to the rescue… I had an idea and surfed the net to no avail and finally just starting playing with some new stamps I have… before I knew it her birthday present was complete!   Love it when God takes over and completes something I think is impossible!  lol  Check it out!

 All this is leftovers from Valentines and stuff I had in my stash… except the Sourpatch Kids 🙂

 You can see the dimension better from the side… and each side is just covered in some washi and some glitz glitter gel.

 On the back I found a cute cake with 3 candles… just perfect for my 3 year old niece!!!

 I loved the silver heart and tied it on with some string my friend Pam left me… from our Valentine’s crafting day.

Can you see how the silver heart on the front is popped up in this pic.???

Hope she loves it and I hope it inspires you to try to create something every day… even when you aren’t in the mood.  I am entering this in Paper Playtime’s Anything Goes challenge here.

Now I am off to continue creating on a quilt!  Here is my progress so far …  I am working on a border to go around the quilt block top… but all the blocks are now sewn together YAY!!!

Can you tell it is a Manly Quilt??? lol  I think my son will LOVE it now that it is all together…

Next up will be a pic of the quilt top being sandwiched after I piece the border and sew it on… lots still ahead.  Are you working on something that is outside your usual baliwick too??  I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for spending a little time with me today!  I hope it has been inspiring for you 🙂



7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Delaney!

  1. Migdalia

    HI,Awww…When that happens to me I go to Pinterest for inspiration but I have to sit with my cup of cofee and cookies..lol. Then my crafty mojo comes back and I am READY to go!Your manly quilt is AWESOME.My boyfriend and I think so.Happy Birthday Delaney!Super Cute Treat!Awesome job!Have a FABULOUS day,Migdalia


  2. Alicia Joy

    Very cute, Aunt Kathi! I know Delaney loved it. :DI just can't believe how well your quilt is coming along! It looks amazing. Keep up the good work!Alicia Joyajoyworthhaving.blogspot.com


  3. Mindy Eggen Design

    this is an amazing project! you did such a fantastic job and I love how inspiration just kind of hits ya when you least expect it – they turn out to be the best projects! Thanks for entering in the challenge! ~Mindy Paper Playtime DT


  4. Anita

    You are so creative KC. What a cute treat box. God bless you for staying home with your kids. Being a single mom is not easy, I did it for years. They are very lucky to have a mom so dedicated.God bless and have a grateful day,Anita aka Nit



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