Doing Iron On Designs

I shared my secret with you in my last post… I am making a quilt for my son…

Some of the blocks in the quilt have pictures he has designed or altered that are meaningful to him.  You see this is a tshirt quilt and each tshirt had been painstakingly picked out to represent something important in his life until now… the only pic of him in the whole quilt is the one I am using for this tutorial…

Doing Iron On Designs… means you first must pick your images to know the type of transfer material to get.  I am covering ironing on material like tshirt material in this post… I would love to hear what you do it on… woven fabric or stretchy… do you use light colored transfer or transfer for dark shirts???  Am I talking Greek yet?

Lemme start with some pics 🙂

Once you have your image(s) you have to choose which type of fabric transfer material you want.  I found this at Walmart in the office supply section.  The LIGHT fabric transfer comes with 6 sheets that go through your inkjet printer to get the image onto it and costs about $10.00.  The DARK fabric transfer comes with 5 sheets that go through your inkjet printer to get the image onto it and costs about $15.00!!  So you wanna know what you want the finished look to be.

My tips include pics to help you decide 🙂

Here is a pic I loved on the light fabric transfer but my son didn’t:

Here is that same image on the dark fabric transfer and the one my son LOVED:

They are different blues but same basic color… however, the shirt color showed through on the top one with the light fabric transfer on it while the white areas were much more opaque and white on the dark shirt transfer!

We put a black symbol and name on one block of white fabric… I used the white transfer material because I needed the back to see through well.. but you can see the plasticy coating where the white would be… doesn’t look nice to me or to my son but I will quilt around it before it is done and he will LOVE it!!!  BUT this isn’t the case on a tshirt for wearing so I wanted you to know… that block isn’t my fave right now or his… so plan your design to end accordingly.

VERY IMPORTANT.. light transfer material has to be backwards printed then put face down on the shirt for direct transfer from the paper.  The dark transfer does NOT have to be turned backwards as you peel it off and put it on your shirt/fabric then iron it with protective sheets included.

Both ways require you to use a dry NO STEAM iron on high on a hard surface that is NOT your ironing board.  This was problematic for me and caused me to mess up the finish on the table I ironed on because it is so hot!  So think ahead and plan your project well!

While we are ironing… let me share with you about how EASY it is to stabilize t-shirt material for quilting.  I have ironed on this stabilizer I bought from for the brand and number I needed to make the tshirts more stable for quilting.

It is Pellon 820 Quilters Grid interfacing.  I got a great deal on it and shipping with them is only $2.50 I think.  So win/win!  It came fast too!!!  Love that 🙂  Anyway, when I watched too many videos on this process it all seemed so complicated and the thought of ruining my iron made me sick as I don’t use it much but it works very well and I don’t wanna risk that…

Problem solved!!!  Iron with the stabalizer bumpy side down on top of your fabric…

the iron is on the back side (not bumpy) side of the interfacing and never gets sticky or gooey at all!  It rocks… it is rote.  By that I mean boring… but it makes the tshirt material more like a thick material.  This sucker will suck to quilt but since I will be doing most of that via machine that will work 🙂

Since I had so much fun doing all that I started cutting my borders and the edging stabilizer.  I won’t reveal the design of this quilt yet but I am kind of making it up as I go !!!  My good friend Connie is keeping me straight.  She is a master quilter and her and my grandmother taught me ALL I know!

Like these neat piles I now have of stabilizer and border pieces.

Connie taught me to do this to keep things orderly.  She also gave me the rotary cutter I am using on this project!  Yay for great friends that pass along what they have duplicates of so you can feel their love 🙂

So I guess you know that now I must set up a sewing machine and sew my heart out for a while.  But I wanted to let you know what I was up to.  I am linking this to Sew Many Ways in hopes that I will get some feedback on this project 🙂  Thanks in advance!

Let me know what you are up to and if you are tired of my posting quilting pics let me know that too.. I need to make my niece a birthday card as she turns 3 in 3 days and I have yet to do it… YIKES!

Have a blessed weekend 🙂



1 thought on “Doing Iron On Designs

  1. Jodi

    You are soooooo super talented! i love seeing sewing projects, because this is something I have yet to try! Keep them coming!! (Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog too!)



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