A Valentine for my new doctor :)

It has been a few days and I have several things to share… and lots of pics to inspire… so grab a cup of something yummy and take a little break!  You deserve it 🙂

I meet a new doctor today… part of moving to a new state is getting a new doctor… so I got crafty and made them a Valentine!  lol  I didn’t sign it and I hope it will get passed along to someone who needs it.  My inspiration for this card came from Lori on her post here.  She made this card!

So I pulled out my gypsy and my cute Doodlebug paper and started to create a similar card!

I used a 12 x 12 page to design my card… the bottom half of the layout is for the card… as well as the hearts.  The framed looking piece on the top right is for a future card but I like to use up all my mat when I lay things out… The top right is the decorative paper… I pulled it so only the part I wanted cut is cut instead of wasting paper or needing a larger piece of paper… I used cardstock for the card itself and Doodlebug Lovebirds collection for the rest!  LOVE this paper… I did turn my pressure down from max to high but my blade depth remained on 6 and all but one edge of the frame cut out PERFECT!
So here is my page laid out on my mat.

And here is my final card!

 I was inspired also by a challenge going on at ABC challenges…. for conversation hearts as an inspiration!  So I will be posting this card there….  Here you can see the fold better….

 it is called an “s-fold” card and is found on the Artiste cart by CTMH!  Here is the inside….

 And not to be left out… as I showed you the scraps of paper I started with my honey used this bunch of scrap wood left over from the fence we had installed and the door we took out of the kitchen/dining room….

 He nailed it and screwed it…

 What will it be????  It has a purpose!  I promise 🙂

 To hold his toolboxes… on rollers too!  Everything to make is was reclaimed… from this house or projects we have done that didn’t turn out as planned… to make this terrific storage and it is very sturdy and won’t tip over.
The toolbox was a craigslist find a while ago in Tennessee and it was free!  My honey sanded and finished it to keep the original patina but all the drawers and lid work well… even his little toolbox that holds odd tools fits on the bottom!  SCORE!!!
What are you making with reclaimed stuff?  I am using a paper pack that I bought but all else was from my stash and as I have made over 10 cards already with it… that paper could now be considered free to use!  What do you think?
Hope you have a fun day finding something to inspire you!

6 thoughts on “A Valentine for my new doctor :)

  1. Patty Gorka

    Beautiful, love how your S fold card turned out. I rarely ever try different fold cards, I'm just not good at them. Looks like you have a handy honey! My husband thinks being handy means knowing how to use duct tape and a butter knife…LOL


  2. Shawna

    Such a cute card and I love that you didn't sign it so it could be used again. I thought I was the only one who did that………great minds. 😉 Love that stand your hubs made, too. A very talented couple.



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