A day with my bff!

Do you have a bff.. that you are NOT married to?  lol

I am lucky enough to have 3.  I used to live close to 1, now I live close to another… and my 3rd bff lives far, far away 😉  I love them each as much but each differently… today I wanna share a little time I got to spend with my bff Pam!

We got together for our first ever “crafting day” to make Valentines 😉  We had a blast visiting and crafting and creating and having fun heat embossing too!

Here she is with the front of a LOVE pop up card from the Artiste cart that I cut out and she put together and decorated…

She made the heart with an arrow on her cricut then embellished it with bling and now it is the front of a sexy card to her hubby of 30 years!  They are still madly in love with each other and I love that role model for me as I am now engaged 🙂  I was a widow almost 5 years ago now and never thought I would be here… but here I am!  lol

And isn’t this little I love you card and little envelope DARLING!!!  This cute 9 envelope set is part of my BLOG CANDY!!!!  I can tell you where you can buy it though NEXT!  Find out more about how to win my blog candy by responding to a post here.

You see I had some valentine sets of cards and a frame I am working on all set out… sorry no pics of our set up… will try to remember next time we do this… because there will be a next time 🙂  But no true valentiney things had arrived in the mail yet… and I had ordered them a week ago so they would be here!  Shame on me for ordering with only a week to go… then my honey walks in with a box that was delivered by the mailman… our valentine goodies… we took some quick pics for you and we were off playing in goodies 😉

Stay tuned for a post on my haul from a new to me online scrapbooking company with EXCELLENT customer service 😉  And another card set I completed.

Meanwhile my honey is still scraping wallpaper but not one box is in the house… they are all now in the garage.

We are planning a shopping day in the garage for the family to dig through boxes and pull out last minute things they want then me and my honey will go through it all.. sort it to keep, give away, trash and whallah… we should be BOX FREE soon!!!!!

Have a blessed day… more posts coming 😉



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