Renew your cricut mats!

There are many youtube vids out there on how to renew your cricut mats.. after much deliberation I decided to use a zig 2 way broad tip glue that looks like this… I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $6.50 but a great store online is Scrapbook Pal.  I get most of my adhesives from them and it is cheaper there 🙂

You also need a scrubber sponge like this…. I got mine at the Dollar General for $1.50

and a little Dawn or other good cleanser that is nonabrasive

Finally you need a baby wipe that is alcohol free… case you have an oops outside the cut area.

Got your supplies????

Take a cricut mat that needs replacing and scrub it well with a little soap and water… initially I was afraid to get in there and use elbow grease to scrub but you are trying to CLEAN all the gunk off your mat so pick up a sponge or sponges at the dollar store and use them up for this!  I do recommend a sponge scrubber specifically for this job that hasn’t been used prior.

Drying the cricut mat after washing was tricky because paper towels will add lint to the still tacky mat.  I shook it off and let it air dry about 1 hour… that was overkill but I wanted this test to be accurate 😉

With a clean, dry mat prime your glue pen until the tip is blue… if it already primed go to the middle of the mat to start it well… get a small puddle of glue and wipe is with the broad tip in lines all across your cricut mat making sure to cover it well and evenly and not going outside the cutting area… THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!  If you go outside the lines wipe it off with a baby wipe before it turns clear and you are golden!!!

All together I spent about 5 minutes scrubbing the mat then another 5 minutes later gluing the mat.

An hour after that… air drying again… the glue is all clear and my mat has a shine to it that it hadn’t seen in quite a while!  lol  BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE!!!

Now SEASON your mat so it isn’t super sticky and pat the palm of your hands all over it… it will stick to them but just put them down and pull them up and repeat until you have seasoned the whole mat! 

You now have a mat ready to use.. as a precaution always make your first few cuts with heavy cardstock… I have used lighter cardstock with less pressure too and didn’t have issues new mats have of being oversticky even when seasoned… this Zig glue seems to stay sticky longer than my new mats do too!  SCORE!

If you would like to see a video tutorial on this process just let me know in a comment below.

I hope this post has been helpful!  It will save me a TON of money as I spent about $8.00 on supplies and I am using mats I just couldn’t throw away!  lol  And not buying new ones!  I hear money being saved… cha-ching!

*****One more tip I can share is to write on your mat cover on the front side so it doesn’t get put on backwards (use a permanent broad tipped marker for best results)… one side doesn’t really stick to the mat but lays over the mat… that is the correct side to use against the mat.  The other side sticks and removes sticky with each removal and replacement.*****  I write my name and the date I glued it

Have a blessed day and have fun crafting with your new mat!


P. S. For all you Cameo owners I have heard that Cricut mats work better in the Cameo.. you can still restick them for the Cameo using this technique… it shouldn’t change the depth or dull your needle 🙂


5 thoughts on “Renew your cricut mats!

  1. Leah

    I've been doing this for years now, works great and I've used the same mats for so long I can't even remember when I bought them! The CTMH large glue pen thingy (the one that looks like the same container style as the Zig, works great too.) 🙂


  2. Nicole

    Ok I definitely will have to try this! I blow through my mats quite frequently and have tried spray adhesive but doesn't work really good. Thank you for this great tip!!


  3. Amy E

    Yay Kathi! Great money-saving tip!! I would add one more thing to prolong the life of your mat…you can use baby wipes for quite some time before you have to resort to using the Zig glue. I did a post about it last year if you're interested… works like a CHARM for quite some time, as long as you remember to let it dry uncovered over night, and once it isn't so great anymore, then the glue is awesome!And also…I started using my Cricut mats in my Cameo…works great, but the spacing is off just a little. It's fine though once you get it figured out. I still prefer the Cameo mat, but i don't think it lasts as long.Oh, and on the topic of Cricut mats, here's another great money saver if you're interested! do this one all the time and it's WAY cheaper than buying individual mats. Just get them from the bigger craft stores and use a coupon!!Okay, I'm done now. I'm starting to sound like a sales person! Have a great night!


  4. Design Originals by KC

    Thanks for writing me back… and for leading me to great posts on your blog… I didn't know alcohol would take off the glue… you must really have to scrub! lolI have 6 mats I can refinish… and as you said in your posts… I may try cleaning them and letting them dry overnight… or all day… lol 🙂 I tend to make the bed in the AM then clean my mats after I tidy the kitchen. I leave them to dry while I do housechores and they are ready for me when I get everyone settled for the night! Yipee… so 2 down and 4 to go…. hopefully I won't ever have to cut one in half… I think it would be hard to cut and hard to use… I never put mine in the same way twice… and I use my gypsy to make a \”quilt\” on my mat.. I could set it all up backwards and it would matter! lolThanks for offering a great blog… and have a great evening… I appreciate you taking the time for such a wonderful and helpful reply… I hope everyone reads the comments on this post… I may post an update so everyone gets this new info!



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