Some Saturday Inspiration :)

Welcome… hope you are having a blessed weekend 🙂  We are still removing wallpaper from the kitchen but have managed to get the doorway closed off and painted over… looks like it was never there!  My honey rocks at home renovations 😉

I have been getting crafty in my studio and wanted to send you a little teaser about what’s on my workdesk!

Lots of Valentiney stuff 🙂

But here is my desk clean with a kit laid out ready for me to figure it all out!

I got the kit from CTMH consultant Wendy Coffman’s blog Stamping Rules here!

It makes this…. times 2 cuz I bought 2 kits to get the stamp set/kit too!

I don’t know if she still has any available as the stamp kit is in high demand and short supply but she is very helpful and will get if for you if she can 🙂  Check out the cards and holder I will be making!

Now for some real inspiration… here are some scrapbook layouts I found in a mag I have…

 I like this one for the creativing in it to have a big tree with a swing in hemp on it… so cool!

 This layout is fun but also has some really cool stitched clouds in the upper left corner… see the close up here….

 And this one is a fun idea for those large family photos and most of the journaling is in the title… again with the stitching around the page too…

Hope you like this segment and will come back for a dose of inspiration next time you need it!  Comments are coveted if you can make the time to give me feedback on what you like and don’t like… what inspires you?



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