Washi tape heat embossed card with video!

Today I have a video for you!

I made a card for my mom and decided maybe some of you don’t know how to heat emboss or how cool it can make a project look…. professional!

Today we are going to make this card…  with washi tape!

adding texture and height to a card or scrapbook layout using basic tools.

Now wasn’t that easy and fun!  I love heat embossing and don’t use it enough!

So for this process you need a heat gun… some folks will say that a hair dryer will work in a pinch… it is too windy… a heat gun focus heat more than a hair dryer and works much better.. use your coupon as this tool runs about $30.00 for a decent one.

Also, I used pigment ink to “hold” the embossing powder until I heat set it.  Pigment ink is different from regular dye ink and takes longer to dry… so you must heat set it or be VERY careful until it is dry if you don’t heat set it!

Please send me any questions you have about heat embossing.  I used clear embossing powder but colored pigment ink.  You can use a Versamark pad and regular ink dipping first in the Versamark and last in your color then stamp, add embossing powder, and heat set that for the same effect with different materials… I have these products if you would like to see a video doing it this way.  Let me know.

Have a blessed crafting day!



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