Readers entry for sewing on a project!

Have you watched the video yet my bloggy friends?  Yesterday I posted a video on how to sew on cards and scrapbook pages… check it out!

Today I have a readers entry with photos she sent me of her work in progress and the completed project… I want to share that with you today for more inspiration to sew on your projects!

Pamela is my bff… she doesn’t subscribe to my blog as she doesn’t blog and doesn’t understand how to do bloggy things… but she is very talented with paper crafting.  With her permission I am showing you photos of her and her work!

First up is her beginning layout… which lace to use!

And which embellishments will be used… the beginning of the designing process… pick out the pics you want and the paper and embellishments that coordinate with your project… lay them all out like this and then you can design to your hearts content…

Most of these embellishments were found at Michaels and are Recollections… the doilies are some she got at a restaurant and rescued them from under her and her hubby’s soup bowls before they got dirty!  Now they are ready for prettying up a scrapbook page!  Yay for recycling or upcycling!!!  Do you look for everyday objects to upcycle to your crafting???

 Once she had her idea rolling she decided to sew the lace on in places using a half cross stitch design… much different from my plain zig zag and straight stitches!

Even the back of her project is neat and tidy!

And her finished 2 page layout of her granddaughter Lana… with the stitching on the lace…. looks like this!

 Can you see her pink stitching on the lace?  She did this layout complete in just a few hours!  What a keepsake it will be;)  And for those who want to know she used four threads to stitch with so it would show up well… one thread is not enough for most projects I have found.  Pamela agrees!

And here is the designer herself… Pamela!

Want your design featured on my blog… then email me here!
Have a blessed day and let me know if you try this technique!


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