How to make a basic card with video!

Hello my bloggy friends… I hope this day finds you feeling crafty!

I have decided to make a video series for beginners to more advanced… todays video is a good example of things you may see weekly on my blog.  A video one day on something that is a basic skill then later in the week a video with a more advanced skill… As always your feedback is coveted in this process… I want to make videos of what you want to see.. but we all have to start somewhere and some may be new to skills I am showing… so we will start at the beginning with a couple of quick cards today!

Aren’t those cards fun and festive… here is a close up of them that I featured in the video…

As you can tell neither card is glued together yet… that is yet to come 🙂

Meanwhile… my honey is working on getting our patio built with stepping stones… take a quick peek at the beginning of the path and patio coming off our Florida room 🙂

Have a blessed day and please let me know what you would like to see on video!

Kathi ~ AKA Gypsy Chik


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