Sweet Delivery and More!

I was blessed enough the other day to have a sweet friend stop by with lots of time to help me organize my craft studio… AND give me a copy of the latest CTMH catalog… AND she gave me this!

 Check out the beautiful bag she wrapped the ornament in… Cute butterflies!
And the ornament is sooo darling!  It was wonderful to get this because I never found an ornament I liked for this year and this ornament says it all since we just moved beachside… take a closer look…

I was also inspired on Pinterest with this layout of sorts!

And while taking an inspiration break I found this amazing bedside table for a steal on our local craigslist!  My daughter is doing her room in black and white with pops of bright green so it fit right in!

 Hope you are having a blessed evening.

I am planning a video on how to hand sew on projects.  Any other requests for tutorials via video or photographs?

Thanks for taking your time to comment on my posts… I do this for myself but my goal is to inspire you 🙂


Kathi ~ Gypsy Chik


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