My hopes for 2013

I see many people posting goals for the new year… and many of them are lofty goals it seems… my goal is to catch up on scrapbooking some and try to do something crafty every day… even if it is just for a few minutes… even if it has nothing to do with paper!!!

I want to get on a design team again and maybe I will start selling CTMH!  I love the stuff… my cricut loves it and the cartridges they sell ROCK!  There are many variables and Tamra Pope would be my “mom” if I joined the ranks.  We shall see how that chapter unfolds as….

I want to meet my goals for the year and my main goal was to be able to make videos for you… I have done that and am editing one now!  You will see my editing skills and my son’s musical abilities on intro and exit music work wonders over the next year if you choose to continue following me 🙂

I also see a lot of people choosing a word for the year… well I chose an inspirational saying…  here is a mock up of a framed machine embroidered piece I am getting!

I can’t wait for the mail lady to deliver it!  I ordered it from etsy 😉

I plan to make my cricut and gypsy a large part of my paper crafting but I have some cross stitching I want to make and we still have to finish unpacking and get a modest decorating done until we find “perfect things” to fill our home with the love we feel for it!

I have ideas of some of the things you will see this year but I want them to be surprises and that way if they don’t happen I don’t come back to review where I have been and see that I promised you the moon and gave you less.

I promise though, we will have fun as we spend time together… thanks for taking time out of your day with me… for that I have a flower for you!

From my back yard to wherever you are… have a blessed day!



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