What’s blooming in your life?

As I was finishing packing the kitchen (still not finished… haha) I became inspired by something I saw when looking for the tape roller.

A beautiful bloom from a Christmas cactus!  It is a double bloom too if you can see that in this pic.

Here is this Christmas cactus my mom gave me last Christmas!  And now as Christmas approaches … it blooms!!!!

Don’t you love the pot!  I love the frog playing the guitar!  And that bloom right there is just amazing!!!
On further inspection I found another bloom about to open on the back of it here…

It is as resistant to opening as I am to finish packing my kitchen… lol!

Well… back to packing.  Hope you can find something blooming in your life to share with me 🙂  You comments are coveted 🙂

Blessings and Hugs,



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