and the craft room was empty… no noise at all!

Well, the time has come to post my craft room…. EMPTY!

and my organized area…. also EMPTY!!!

and my Scrapbox… EMPTY!!!!!

Honestly to see it all in boxes now just boggles my mind!  It took 8 boxes to pack the scrapbox alone… hope the movers don’t mind that I left the shelves in there!  I hope not 🙂

But while we are packing we have a soldier standing watch and helping us remember this is the Christmas season and we should be grateful to have things like Scrapboxes that can be empty.

I know the soldier is really 2 pieces for this posting… but he is so beautiful… and we found him free last year on craigslist… ziptied his arm back on and the soldier has made it another year now with us!  Yay!

We have a party to still prepare for… my 27 year old son is having himself a going away party.  He is inviting all his Tennessee friends to drink tequila and say goodbye!  I voted myself into a taste tester position too… it will be fun!

Thanks to a fellow blogger and someone I look up to posted about Instagram today… so I finally got it up and running on my iPhone that is way smarter than me!  lol  I will start posting pics about the move there.  I think you can find me as kathibc there 🙂  thanks Pamela O’Connor!

What do you find that has inspired you to make a change in your life from someones blog?  I have wanted to use Instagram for a while now but until today’s encouragement from her I had not given it any attention.

Have a blessed day… less that a week til move day!!!



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