Waiting… and waiting!

Hello world.. we are still living life in the fast lane but currently we are at a red light… waiting for things to come together and waiting for a schedule of things yet to do can emerge!  So while I am waiting I thought I would show you what we have been up to!

I had a card party last Saturday, in the midst of mayhem, so I finished this to show off… my advent calendar I made with a kit I bought right here!

it is 14″ x 14″ x 3″ deep I think… it is wonderful!  So easy to put together and presents so well.. I added this cute CTMH jeweled brad to my bow!

The card party was a CTMH (Close to my Heart) stamping and papercrafting party and it was loads of fun… they call them home gatherings but I like calling it a card party… we made 2 cards…

Tamra Pope ran the “virtual party” via skype and speaker phone and I helped everyone as we played in paper, stamps, ink and glue!  It was a great time by all and I got some free stuff for all the orders I got!  Yay!

Then I just finished a project I have been working on…

And that is the recipient below the announcement… isn’t she a cutie!  They call her Lana and pronounce the first name like the name Sue.. just spelled differently 😉

This week I have been spending extra time with my kids… it is grounding for all of us to be on board together while we have so many ups and downs in our lives… so we cooked!  Yes, the bane of my existence is what my son wanted to do so we did… and tada!!!!

We made a totally delicious lemon meringue pie!  We called my mom several times for consults and finally figured out how to zest a lemon… how to make the pie crust and why each ingredient was necessary… even made a run to the store to complete the job but we did it and it was YUMMY too!!!

Last but definitely not least my daughter got honor roll at her school for all the work she has been doing so well with.  She got a sticker for all her hard work!

I hope your week is going well… hope you are enjoying my different posts. 

Next I have started working on party invitations for a cute 2 year old nephew of mine!  Cookie monster is coming to my blog soon so watch out as I make birthday decorations as my last or next to last act before I close my craft room for moving!

May blessings and peace overflow you life!



3 thoughts on “Waiting… and waiting!

  1. Just Me

    Busy, busy busy, you are busy. Happy your Gathering went well and you all had lots of fun. Wish I could have been there. The Advent calendar you made is precious. So much fun to fill the little boxes for others to open. Your needle work is beautiful. I'm sure little Lana will love it when she is old enough, and very sure her mom loves it now. Lemon pie, my favorite. Anything lemonCongrats to Brandi, quite an accomplishment.



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