Altered CTMH Card Box!

Today I have a project I have prayed over and tried to focus on for about a month… since I got the card box from CTMH.  Look how nice it turned out!

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my loves so I have been checking out other altered projects to make this one… it is for my mom and dad to hold cards in!  Won’t this be a nice Christmas present when I get the box full of miscellaneous cards!  She is a HUGE card giver 🙂

So this is how I did it… first MOTIVATION!  Here fave color is Sage Green.  Also I have a Bobunny paper set I use to make her cards with so I wanted to use some elements from it… and I found some lace that reminded me of her and I had the motivation… see the pic?  I left this sitting on my craft table for a few days while I thought about it….

Finally I got motivated and started with some ink on the edges… as you can see above… then I took the sage green cs I had pulled out for inspiration and used it to cover the box starting on the bottom.  Some of the blogs I have read talk about having a template… but it didn’t come with one so I just winged it and made measurements with little indentations with my thumbnail and then cut or scored it at that point…. see…

After some inking and taping on cs I finally covered the whole box….

I used heavy cs and my ATG to glue on the paper… now for the fun part… embellishing!

It all started like this above… and ended with this below!

I even decorated the inside too!

My mom loves butterflies and there is a large one on the top that is not so identifiable in this pic… but it is there!

I am so proud of this box… now for cards to fill it up!

My favorite is the bling on the box…. I think it isn’t to much or too little.

What do you think???  I would love your feedback on this project.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi


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