A peek at our new living room… clean and neat!

Preparing to sell a home is a formidable job no matter how many years you have been in a home… we seem to attract clutter… so decluttering and cleaning were the things we really needed to concentrate on.  I have been reading lots of blogs on organizing things and how to clean different things…

In the end we are making our way slowly through our home… our biggest accomplishment has been the amount of cleaning we have done… but next to that would be the finishing of the fireplace shelving unit that is built in to our living room.

My honey took one look at it and said this needs a paint job … so as we prepared to paint, we also took a look at how we had it organized and redid that too…

Take a look at before…

 the TV is mounted on a post my brother kindly built with a wall to cover the post… but it needed painting so once the TV was down we decided to do the TV differently….

 What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an inspired and blessed day!



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