Easy Peasy PESTO!

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t cook much… but I recently helped make my fave pesto and thought I would share that with you as it is the yummiest pesto you have ever eaten!  It is for me!!!! lol

This is the finished pesto… but to start you need to stop by the produce section and get a clove of garlic and 4 basil plants… for this recipe you will also need some extra virgin olive oil in a dark bottle… any brand works, pecorino romano cheese , a cheese grater, a 1 cup measure and a little food processor.  There are NO PINE NUTS in this recipe… and it is better without them!

Pesto gets it’s great flavor from the basil leaves… don’t wash them as you will was away some of the flavor… pull the leaves off of the plants and the small leaves carry the best flavor… You need 2 cups of packed leaves for this recipe.

Each cup will go directly into the food processor.  Once that is done take 2 garlic clovettes from the larger clove and cut them up small… this is the only tedius cutting… cut off the ends and slice the remaining garlic clovettes small and add to the food processor.

Now it is time to grate the cheese … this is what it looks like before you finely grate it… you will need 1 cup.

 Add the cheese to the food processor… it will all fit but you have to push it all around… Now add the olive oil… about 2 tablespoons to start.  As I said any brand will work but you want to make sure it is in a dark bottle and is evoo (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

Now turn on the food processor and let it work its magic…  This is after a minute or so….

See you can tell everything is mixed up but still very chunky… if it looks dry when you stir it at this point add more evoo!  a tablespoon at a time.  Until it looks like this…

Then pour it into a bowl, add a cute knife and your fave whole grain bread and you have a great appetizer or a nice lunch!

Hope you find this recipe as priceless as I do!  Enjoy!  Now I will get back to creating something incredible with paper 😉



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