We interrupt this life…

I had a life altering event happen to me over the weekend and it has caused me to look at life differently and I want to share that with you today….

This weekend we were at the beach and this is what we long to be doing…

or this….

this is sunrise on the northeast coast of Florida…. 

This is time to make all we can of the lifetime we have been given.  I was spared death this weekend and praise God I can see tomorrow.

Take a minute and ask yourself… do you appreciate the life you have been given?

Now back to our regularly scheduled art and craft affairs of the heart!

Thanks for indulging me!



2 thoughts on “We interrupt this life…

  1. Dixie

    It's always good to think about all we've been given, but it's rare that a person does just that. I'm glad that you're alright and can enjoy the beauty around you.



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