How to make a scrapbook… from scratch!

Hello there… thanks for visiting me today.  I want to share something I made and I would love to know if it inspires you to try something.

Today I made this scrapbook….  after watching vids for a month or so … and I did it!!!!

 My friends son is in the Navy and is deployed right now somewhere in the Middle East… she wanted to send him a personal scrapbook.  So I made this one with some help from Heidi Swapp and her vids I made this scrapbook.  It has a 1/2″ thick spine and has chipboard front and back covered, and most all the pages are from, Basic Grey OBSCURE line.

Later I will show you the completed scrapbook.  But this is for those of you that want a quickie look before the tutorial begins… for those of you that would like a closer look at how to make your own scrapbook from a pack of paper and some chipboard I saved from various packaging… come on down!

Start with your chipboard… I used 12 x 12 pieces and had my honey cut them to 7″ x 12″.

Next I picked out the paper I wanted on the front and back and coordinated the color I wanted to make my spine with… so the finished product looks appealing.

THE SPINE needs to be a heavy cardstock… You can use designer paper for the inside but use a heavy cardstock you like for the covers (front and back) and the spine.  I used some from my stash in black and added a yard of black ribbon for the tie you see hanging out on the right of the book.

So… cut your piece of cardstock with 1/2″ in the center… for my example I cut a 10 x 12 sheet of black down to 7″ x 10″ and scored it at 1/2″ intervals at the center.  Apply your ATG glue gun (recommended for this project!) to the inside of the black SPINE but no glue on the spine itself… make sense?

So you are gluing on everything inside the spine edges but not on the spine itself…   When you get done the front flap of the spine will be attached to the front piece of chipboard and the back flap of the spine will be attached to the back piece of chipboard and whalllah!  You have a book starting to form… now for the pages on the inside…..

What are those you ask??? HIDDEN HINGES!!!!  Use the same color you used for the spine and cut them 2″ wide by as tall as your book which in my case is 7″.  I used 5 total for 10 pages.

Score them at 1″ and fold them in half like I did above… then put ATG glue on the right side away from you if the book and hinges are facing you like my pic is.  Stick it down carefully to the right back inside where the spine comes out but do not let it touch the spine or get any glue on the spine… have I said that enough??? Sorry !  😉

Now you have 1 flap sticking up like I have here in this picture… I took the picture after I put the inside back cover on unfortunately!!!!

Now apply ATG glue to the inside left flap… the one closest to you if you open it toward the front.  Put glue here… if you haven’t cut your pages or thought about layout this is the time… thus the reason it took me a month of planning and finding some great guy kinda paper for this album!

With pages all cut and in order put the next to last page in place where you just glued.  Next apply the next hinge just like you did the first one with the final effect is it being right on top of the first one… see all my hinges?  And nothing is touching the spine!  lol

Apply ATG glue to the hinges without getting it on the spine, and to the back of the page you just put on… put lots of glue at the left edge of your paper so that the hinges are well sealed in place… they will hold future memories and this needs to be sturdy!
Above is how the hidden hinges will show when you go back to pages you have glued together… I did my page gluing open so that this was nice and tidy looking!

Now it is time to put on the final page… instead of adding another hinge just cover the glued down hinge with a nice piece of paper… This should be cardstock because I think this will be the most festive page of the book!   But more impoartantly as the first page of this album it may get more wear and tear than the rest of this album.

To finish it off tape down your ribbon across the front and back… I cut the yard in half then glued about 6 inches under the book with my red tape and did the same on the back of the book.  Then I added the front and back cover art I chose… and it is ready for me and my friend to decorate!

My next post will be all about embellishing this lovely album!  If you want to get more information with a vid tute… then check out “my craft channel” and search for Heidi Swapp or look for “make pretty stuff”.  She did a two part tutorial on making this album… but for mine… these directions should be sufficient.  For the album I spent about 2 hours making the whole thing!!!  But remember I spent a month planning it!! lol

Hope this tute is clear enough for you to create a scrapbook of your own… sorry I didn’t take more pics… but I will of the embellishing!  Have a blessed day 🙂  Kathi


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