Owl Card with Wild Card… FUN!

I just made the cutest set of cards for my DD’s birthday coming up the end of the month.  They are the invites to her 14th birthday party!

I cut the card at 5 1/2″ inches like I do other cards but this one comes with an envelope… so it is an odd size.  Just so you know it is just over 5″ wide.

I cut the base from lime green cardstock and then for the black owl… they only have it as a card so I scooted the image to the side of my gypsy (if you don’t have a gypsy for your cricut you are MISSING OUT!) so it only cut out the owl as I couldn’t hide one side of the card and not the other.  My solution to not wasting paper!  lol

 I used a scallop punch at 1 3/4″ and a circle punch at 1 1/2″ to cut the green glitter eyeballs.  The white for the scalloped paper is the paper that comes in scrapbooks…. I save it and use it when it is hidden behind layers or something like in this application. 

Another thing I did was added a piece of white paper behind the owls chest feathers.  My dd wanted it white there…  Finally I put all the layers together and popped dotted the eyes!  Multiply that by 7 and I am done!

Thanks for reading my blog… if you want more info on cricut, gypsy, scrapbooking, cardmaking or quilting … even cross stitching!  I am your girl 🙂  Have a blessed weekend!  Your comments are appreciated!  Kathi


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