We have a finished new back porch!

Welcome to my Blog!  Today I am sharing the new back porch my honey built!  See before and after below 🙂 Yay!!!  Just in time for my birthday party too!!!
Welcome to my back porch 🙂
 He made the stairs less steep at MY request.  And I found the Welcome mat on sale at Walmart!  It really is nice with the porch.
Here is the deck straight on.. Notice my sweet Daisy posing for the pic too?  lol

The four lattice panels across the back are doors that conceal a trailer and my honey’s lawn mowers.  We are not allowed to have storage buildings in our subdivision so this was our answer to the problem of storage! lol

Here is a nice shot of the whole deck…!

He only kept the base frame from the old deck…all the floor boards and railings are new!  We spent less than $1500 dollars for the whole thing!!!!
Below you can see the before pics!!!
not welcoming….
 not a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors!  (when it isn’t 112 degrees)
See how everything was visible under the deck???
Overall a great project.  Takes a few weekends of time but worth the effort… Now we have a new deck and are ready for a party!!!! 


4 thoughts on “We have a finished new back porch!

  1. Angelina Garcia

    Wow! Your new deck is really fabulous! And I can see that your dog loves the transformation as well! It was a good idea that you finally decided to update your deck! May your home have more parties to come!



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