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Last Sunday Post with WordPress!

Hope you and yours had an excellent Thanksgiving week… here in the USA we celebrated a time to work less and enjoy family more!

As for my bloggy move… 2 1/2 years ago I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress as my platform for blogging and I just haven’t been happy. I must pay WordPress to blog to compare apples to apples of storage and such… There is also NO LIVE customer service and when you do get a reply it is a stale canned one not a intentional one! So sad as I liked having my own URL but I will gladly return to Blogger at a new handle now… HERE or just type in your own search of https://createdbykathi.blogspot.com/.

My move back to blogger has truly been a long time in the planning so I hope you will follow me over there now 🙂

As for this week though I do have lots to share as we just stayed home 😀

I sewed these 2 quilt blocks on my vintage Singer 319w.

This pattern can be called Sunny Skies by msqc on YouTube or better yet Sunny Lanes by Quilters Cache block tutorial…. I am choosing to call mine Sunny Days! It will take days and days of piecing even though I cut everything out!!! Lol

I had to scooch the needle over to the right just a wee bit to get a very scant quarter inch though! wowser…. just 18 more to go too!!! At least I know the formula on this machine though! I hope to complete 2 a week for right now as I want the hand quilting to be my main focus!

Speaking of hand quilting… I completed a whole row this week 😀

From the left…

To the center…

To the right side…

Then I got to take a nice big roll on my frame and what to my sparkling eyes did I see??!

The top of the quilt!! WOOT WOOT!

So about 1/3 remains to be hand quilted 😀 I am just so happy with this progress as I started this hand quilting journey in early October!!! We are looking at a Christmas finish I do believe !!! Ho Ho Ho! 🎅Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew! Come see what everyone is up to using their hands and yarn, floss or thread HERE <<<

I saw this appropriate seasonal joke to play on your neighbors for inexpensive… anyone game??? lol!

Choose Joy Y’all!

Please share 1 way you have chosen Joy this month in the comments below…. I respond to all comments privately so leave your email… As for me… as we prepare to make yet another move in the future… to get closer to my parent’s… I find joy in someday soon being closer to them physically and not just in our hearts and burning down the phone lines 🙂

Don’t forget to come to my NEW spot next week too! It’s gonna be a party! Bring your ideas for my 2023 goal word for the year … it will be a crazy one 🙂

2 Sundays to remain with WordPress!

Y’all… it’s only 2 weeks till I move to BlogSpot aka Blogger! I’m excited 🙂

Come by next Sunday for the full story, but if you are curious head over to my introductory post HERE!

We loaded up the truck and headed to my mom and daddy’s house for a visit…

My oldest and only nephew got married… the one who received the napkins???!

Jared & Anna Byrum

The napkins on the charger plates of each wedding party member…

So excited my dad & mom got this photo to share with y’all!!!

Rick watched another veteran day go by…. He was Army as was his father who watches over him now 🙂

Here’s to you and the service you provided to our country!!!

I made a sling bag for Molly while I was at my parents too… it was with the goal of learning how her bernina works… it went well I think!!!

Molly in her carrier I made with Connie and my mom’s help!!!

Now to share where I’ve been working on… my mom’s snuggle quilt …

Here is what I completed just before we left…
And here I am working on it since we have been home!

We are also planning a move in the near future to be closer to my mom and dad! More on that though as we get this cabin in order for putting up for sale !!!

Linking all this fun stuff to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew!!! HERE <<<<

This is soo true y’all!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Almost Halfway and More!

Welcome everyone to my blog 🙂

If you are in a voting country do you vote if the time is now to decide leaders??? I did … early voting 🙂

Have you read a good book lately? This is fiction but based on the dust bowl and the Great Depression…. Worth a listen for sure!

Do you ever keep up with basic football??? this funny is my speed!

So this last week I finished this shirt…

And this one too!

These were my relief for my hands from hand quilting and a nice way to get my honey new shirts!

I have made good progress on my mom’s quilt though…

Starting the sashing row…

To mark the stars I am making I was using a 60 degree triangle I fashioned from card stock…

I misplaced that little piece so I had a better idea for my template…

It leaves dots and you connect the dots to have a perfect Star is David … my mom’s requested shape 🙂

And chain stitched….

Now I’m on my 3rd row of 4 patches…

And got Molly by my side as I stitch…

Linking all this fun hand-ee work to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers Linky 🎈 Party HERE <<<<

As monarchs’ continue to mature and fly off to Mexico from my parents’ back yard in Tennessee…

I’ll be off blogging next Sunday as I won’t have access to my work computer! but come back the following week for more to share!!!

have a blessed couple of weeks!

Fulfilling Commissions!

Both my honey and I finished our commissions on or ahead of the deadlines! Come on in and see what deadlines got smashed in our North Carolina cabin!!!!

Do ya like the pumpkin by our front door???

Or maybe you would like to see our full cabin today in the autumn leaf falling weather we are having 🙂

Or leaf changing down a country road near us…

Rick was sick last week with MAJOR congestion and no energy… we even tested him for Covid 19 but he showed negative…. His request came in after mine but got delivered first so I will start with him 🙂

Above you can see his own designed barn quilt called “X marks the spot”… his commission was to change the 10″ finished block into a 24” finished block! You see him starting this enlarged design with 1 corner after LOTS of math… it was the perfect size once 3 more were made 🙂 How exciting….

Above is a quick pic of the naked wood barn quilt block then… So glad my honey got better to complete this requested block too! Now to decide on colors to stain…

We showed this layout to the recipient but she wanted more brown…

we showed her a red insert where the plain colored wood is but it was just bright and heavy so we mixed stains to make her own color to fill those plain angled blocks.

The finished 24″ block … next to the 2 10″ blocks…

The client got decided to buy all 3 finished barn quilts… Yahoo 🎉

These were delivered as they didn’t live far from us…. and the client was thrilled with their purchases from us! Soooo nice 😀

Next up is my long and windy road finish! Mailed … Received… Overjoyed 🙂

The last of 24 napkins embroidered for a wedding gift for my nephew and his fiance. My Mom and Dad fashioned the napkins & I embroidered them!

Then I used a formula to erase pencil marks and gently brushed the top side with a very soft toothbrush with this formula…

The pencil erasing formula is… 3/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cup water & a teaspoon or so of Palmolive or other gentle soap.

I wish I had thought to take a Tah Dah photo or a photo of them laid out nicely in the box we shipped them in… but is do not…. I washed and dried them in the laundry to themselves…. then ironed them each carefully looking for pencil still showing…none did…. sent them on their way Thursday afternoon and they were received Saturday afternoon! WOWEE 😍

Their response was awesome… they loved them esp. the lazy daisy olive leaves 🙂 I am so happy as are my parents for all the work we collectively put into these napkins…

So what is next for me? Intermittently I have been working on my mom’s quilt in the frame!

I have rolled the quilt past the bottom border and the first row of 4 patches….

When I asked my mom her fave shape… she was unsure… when I said square, circle, heart, star etc… she immediately said the star of David… so I made a template and that is what you can see embroidered with a chain stitch in the cornerstones above!

And where I will start this morning …. about 1/4 done at this point 🙂

I am also working on a shirt for my honey intermittently as my hands need a different activity too…

This is the pocket in progress with a detail made by my vintage Singer 319w…

Linking all this handwork and such to my fave Sunday stop the Slow Stitching Sunday group…. come upload a pic of what handwork you are up to too! Or just come see what everyone is up to and get inspired HERE <<<<<

As for us… we are happy to have no deadlines looking at us this coming week… Thanks for stopping in and sharing some of your day with me 🙂

As for you… I hope you have a blessed week ahead and a message from you in the form of a comment about what you liked most would be GREATLY appreciated 🙂

Don’t forget… details coming on a giveaway at my new Blogger spot I will be moving to first Sunday of December which is coming fast! Next Sunday is also time change day for those of us that do that… Fall Back 1 hour!

Embroidering napkins… 4 left to finish!

This has been a crazy busy week and I am glad to finally be able to make time to reply to each of you who left me a comment last weekend!

Above is a country road near where we live… see all the vivid hues of color??? This was an unexpected drive last Sunday!

THIS is my honey being a goofball on Monday…

Tuesday evening I think is when that really cold weather came and we have been home most of the rest of the week! 🙂

I have 4 napkins left to embroider now and my parents are mailing the signed card to me for us to sign and send off with this gift when complete…. half the napkins will be for wedding party gifts… so they need them prior to the date!

I have been giving my hands a break intermittently doing house chores and hand quilting my mom’s quilt….

And the next patches over from those…

And this last photo is the “Star of David” my mom loves and has in a necklace… I will add this to the cornerstones of the quilt using just a little triangle I fashioned from a mailer of cardstock 🙂

Linking this fun hand work to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching… Click HERE <<<< to see what everyone else is up to and feel free to add your own work for others to enjoy 🙂 Todays topic is “Simple Pleasures”!

My honey got a commission this week for a bigger indoor barn quilt block… 24″ instead of 10″ square!!! This is 1/4 of the block 🙂 Not yet stained or finish coated but plain wood…

So you see there is all kinds of hand work going on here 🙂 Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead… thanks for stopping by!

My Halloween set of nail polish strips bid you farewell.. until next Sunday!

There’s a new quilt in the frame!!!

But no time to start on it yet!!!

I have plans for each section… here is the outer border I will start stitching first in the turquoise blue thread you see in the first photo below…

And you can see that stencil all drawn out on this photo…

I have plans for the rest too but they are subject to change! Lol. Besides I haven’t placed the first stitch in yet because I have been busy on other things…

Napkins have been busy in my life! About to start on 15 of 24!!! Deadline end of October!!!

Once I finish all 24 they will need a good laundering and pressing :). Then they can make their way to Tennessee!!!

To give my hands a break from that small work I have been sewing down the binding to the Purple Heart Quilt! Here’s corner 3…

So over halfway around!!!

I promised my mom n dad they could be the first to sleep under it when they came to visit… well that visit starts Wednesday!!!!

My sweet dad and mommy…

We are taking the blow up mattress in the sewing room… they will take our bedroom! So come see what we’ve been up to deep cleaning the sewing room!!!

Photos of some of the family…
How you see the entrance to the room now!!!

Without the pvc frame and other stuff the entry is wide open now! The pvc frame has moved to the out building for a time and the wholecloth has been rehomed to the upper shelf of the sewing room closet!

The secretary…
Projects in process… and the 301 is folded down for now…
The corner shelving my honey built me for this space when we moved in…
My 319 is hiding under the dust cover I made long ago and a little fabric is still visible! Lol
The second shelving unit my honey installed so my scrap drawer units would fit underneath… ahhh!
My closet of fabric battings and stabilizers and my Aurifil thread collection on the k my honey gifted me he made many moons back!!

And that is a look around my sewing room! On that photo wall I plan to be able to tape up a flannel sheet coming from a friend to make me a design wall for the next project coming up the pike…. Hang with me to see!

I plan to tape the design wall over the pics that lay close to the wall already by design!!!

Here’s 2 of my 4 kids… with Michael showing off his beautiful wife Kristen… and Brandi sporting a new haircut !!

Linking this post and all the hand work for now and in the near future to Kathy’s Quilts slow stitching Sunday linky… go check out what everyone is stitching by hand… knitting or crocheting HERE <<<. The link will open in a separate window!!!

For this week stay warm … we have been in the 30’s here intermittently!!! Let’s see what I get accomplished and what we do with mom and dad during their visit here!!!

My Parents Came for a Visit!!!

They were the first to sleep under the finally complete Purple Heart Quilt too!!!!

I am sew pleased with this finish!!!

While I am recovering from all those stitches I made my honey another shirt with green pine and brown pine cones on a dark background !!!! He loves it too 🤩

My parents arrived Wednesday and left Friday midday! It was a wonderful visit!!!

Jackson their Bichon/Poodle mix
And my mom and dad! Always being cute even after almost 60 years together!!!
Molly enjoyed the visit too!

Much too soon it was time to wish each other well…

And mom and dad made it back to mid Tennessee safely!

Meanwhile I worked on napkins!!!

Above I have 16 done with 8 remaining ! I did check with the couple to make sure they wanted all the napkins the same… they do! So off I go today to finish a napkin a day!

I learned how to make a headband on YouTube before my parents got here and made a headband for each of us girls…

Fun times!

Linking my hand stitching and embroidery to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching crew HERE <<<. Come see the amazing blogs… Instagram posts.. and just personal pics shown on her blog post each Sunday!

Now Stay Kind and Beautiful and look forward to more info very soon on my new location for blogging goodness!

Welcome October!!!

I really love October each year…

Of all the places I’ve lived over my 56 years … North Carolina shows it off the best to me though!!! What is your fave “autumn showing” place to be??!

Hurricane Ian missed us here in sw NC… we got a breeze and smattering of rain is all … Prayers to all those that were affected by these monstrous storm though!

I made Molly 2 scarfs for autumn this week!

I also made my honey a shirt…

Including a fun pocket detail…

I bought fabric for 2 more shirts this week as well! Watch for them coming up!

Then I made some new scrubbing rags for the kitchen…

I added a hanging loop on each one too…

And then thrifted a basket to hold them stylishly on our countertop! 🙂

I’m planning this style make for a little Christmas tree skirt this year!

I just can’t decide how big to make the center square!!?

My daughter in law’s son (James’ wife) turned 17 this week… WOW!

Ellie with mom Heather and son Zach

We also found a sweet little shelf when thrifting yesterday…

Here you can see the daisy better!

And with all that accomplished… I slow stitched my way in between to #11 napkin. The goal is at #12’s completion I can load the frame with my next quilt to stitch.

I have backing pieced, batting cut to size …and the flimsy quilt top waiting for me patiently!!

Linking this fun hand stitching to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<<<<. Kathy is showing off a new embroidery she is starting with a link to some cute free embroidery patterns with helpful hints…. Also for embroidery assist via video check out Sarah Homfrey from the UK on Youtube!!!

As a little note… I am returning to Blogger in 2 months at the first post of December… watch for more info and if you are reading this mention in the comments something YOU would like to receive in a giveaway!! After the move back to Blogger under a new pen name 😉

Have a blessed week and thanks for visiting!

Last Sunday of September!

It has been a busy week around our cabin and beyond!

Welcome Autumn!!!!

Our daisy’s are blooming like crazy in this cooler weather we are having!!!

I also trimmed my nails and added a new manicure!

We have had a couple 47 ish mornings but most… like today has been low 50’s … the birds and squirrels and deer are sooo busy making winter preparations to bed down or migrate to a warmer spot!

Though my milkweed never bloomed this year to attract the monarchs we will start earlier next spring in homes of attracting the elusive to us… monarch butterflies!!! We did see a couple swallowtails and some fluttery smaller ones but mainly birds and bees! Lol

Swallowtail butterfly in our yard!

We have been focused this past week on helping out neighbors dealing with newly discovered health issues that could soon be life altering… please pray for this couple as they struggle and for us as we are there for them day and night in their time of need!

Fresh shot ~ check out how long my hair is now!!!

I’m going for something similar to this Meaghan Trainor shot I found whenever I decide to get a cut again though…

Not many layers .. no bangs… she is so adorable and talented too!

Today is a special day to celebrate…

Brandi… my beautiful baby girl now a young lady at 24 years!!!

Besides all this … I have been piecing a quilt top that will be on the frame within a couple weeks!!!

This will be for my mom and has been a blast to pick out fabrics for and embroider her initials on engraving it for her!!!

The top is almost a flimsy!!! I have 2 borders to add them I can add some other cool stuff to the back so stay tuned next week for progress here!!!

I am almost done with napkin # 8…

Then it will be time to trace 8 more and put me at 1/3 done !!!

Unfortunately with all that’s going on st present the Purple Heart quilt binding just hasn’t even started!!! Hopefully that also will happen!

Linking this hand quilting fun to Kathy’s slow stitchers this Sunday morning HERE <<<<! Go check out her new gift… a Slow Stitching water bottle!!!!

Rick has been organizing the storage shed and cleaning the back porch as well as working on a real German made old cuckoo clock !!!

I love hearing it tweet too!!!

We’ll best get off to stitching…. As I am a daughter too… here is a pic of my moms hand and mine as she shared a special ring with me that remains my right hand ring today!!!

Have a wonderful week my friends and stay positive no matter what is thrown at ya!

Happy Autumn Y’all!!!